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"People can't stand it. This is why people escape into their phones and televisions, or alcohol and drugs. To silence the soul because it screams. It knows very well that it is wrong.” That's what Lina Murel Jardorf says with a plea to her fellow human beings to remember to see the beauty of nature and cut down on consumption.

Around this year's fair, you will be able to see some impressive bronze statues rising several meters high. "My recurring motif is fairy tales, women who symbolize Mother Earth and all her creatures." Even though they are standing inside the Lokomotivværkstedet's windless hall, their wild hair still flutters in winds that the rest of us have forgotten. Because the women are in such deep harmony with nature that they take nature with them everywhere.

The statues were made by the artist Lina Murel Jardorf, who we were lucky enough to talk to. Lina has worked with oil paintings for 32 years and with bronze sculptures for 19 years. This is your opportunity to get closer to the woman who shapes nature.

Two of the total of The Seven feelings that Lina Murel Jardorf has cast in bronze


"Making art is an unwavering demand from my soul," says Lina Murel Jardorf. “I was a completely impossible child. Today they probably gave me a lot of diagnoses," she laughs. "But I also had a speech impediment, which made it extremely difficult for me. That's probably why I was so unruly. Because I felt hopeless and inadequate.”

Today, Lina Murel Jardorf has recovered from her speech impediment, but she still feels that she is often misunderstood. "I think that misunderstandings often arise. It is extremely difficult to communicate with the human world," she says.

Therefore, it also made good sense that her mother, who was an artist herself, set Lina Murel Jardorf to paint. "My mother was a skilled artist herself, and she had redeemed a lot through art. She thought that art could do the same for me," says Lina Murel Jardorf. And her mother was right to that extent. Today, Lina Murel Jardorf is an independent artist and has had a long and productive career.

“I recently found a clay sculpture of a naked woman that I made in first grade. She flings herself and holds her cheek.” The motif of the naked woman carelessly existing in harmony with her surroundings has since become the hallmark of Lina's art and recurs in both her bronze sculptures and oil paintings. Lina Murel Jardorf and her horse, Arancha


Like the women who adorn her many works, Lina Murel Jardorf herself tries to live in harmony with nature. That is why she also turned down the art academy when she was up for admission at the time. "We all had to make the same drawing, which I didn't see any development in," she says. “They told me that if you were admitted, you came under a professor so that you could learn from him. But the problem is that then you just become a product of that teacher, and I didn't want to be that," says Lina Murel Jardorf, who has instead sought out the artists who have been able to help her develop her own style. “They asked me to find an expression that was my own. Something that is important to me. Then the motif with the women developed, because what matters most to me is nature.” Says Lina Murel Jardorf.

“I was brought up to love nature and respect it for what it is. It is my greatest source of inspiration and the source of all my art," says Lina Murel Jardorf.

"Try to see this leaf, which has veins, just like we do. These three have a life, just like we do. You can see that in its leaves.” It is the harmonious relationship between woman and nature that meets in Lina Murel Jardorf's art. "The women are an expression of the earth, Mother Earth, and her big hair is the treetops," she smiles.


At Art Nordic you can look forward to many different sculptures by Lina Murel Jardorf. They have lush motifs such as women, trees and horses and are reminiscent of the elves in Rivendell in The Lord of the Rings. Today, she has really mastered giving the bronze an organic expression that captures nature in the cold metal. But when she was suggested to make sculptures in her time, she was very skeptical at first, but it soon became clear that she had a talent for shaping with her hands.

"My first sculpture was a mermaid," says Lina Murel Jardorf. "I brought it to an exhibition and was contacted by a married couple whose daughter was in a wheelchair after she had been kicked by a horse. The parents wanted to give her a sculpture of a mermaid, because after the accident the girl referred to herself in her wheelchair as a mermaid on a rock.” Although it was her first sculpture, Lina Murel Jardorf is very happy at the thought that her mermaid is now at home with a real mermaid.

Lina Murel Jardorf has often experienced that people see something of themselves in her works, which moves them. "When I see people standing and crying in front of my works, I become thoughtful. I think it's very big," she says, and of course we can't help but ask if the young Lina Murel Jardorf, who had difficulty making herself understood by the other children due to a speech impediment, feels that she will understood when other people cry at her works. "Yes, absolutely," she says. "My art actually gives me many fantastic experiences with other people."

The statues' daily home in the Sculpture Park at Linas Murel Jardorf's home at Æbleblomst Gård


"I am a very spiritual person," says Lina Murel Jardorf. "I believe that all living things have a soul and that there is an obligation in spirituality. I think it is problematic that people have moved so far away from their spirituality.” She believes that we lose our connection with the world around us and all the life that is in it. Among other things, she points to slaughterhouses as a major problem. "People can't stand it. That's why people escape into their phones and televisions, or alcohol and drugs. To silence the soul because it screams. It knows very well that it is wrong.”

Lina Murel Jardorf's art represents a view of nature as more than just material. That trees and animals have a greater value when they are alive than when they are planks and food. She sees her role as an artist as someone who must try to bring balance between the light and the dark.

“I'm not that good at art that is preoccupied with all the negative. I get sad. There is so much darkness on the planet already. I would rather spread joy and optimism. I hope that I can enlighten people. Then it may be that they start to think about what they eat or their consumption," she says with a fervent belief that the light of art can be used to release the darkness inside us and help us rediscover our connection to nature .